Important Information On How The Secondary Air Injection System operates. 

It is essential to understand that, in the petrol engine automobiles, the secondary air injection is a method or minimizing the harmful substance emissions during the clod staring of the engine. Note that the secondary air is a maintenance-free car system. Remember that extreme operating conditions, exceeding the maintenance intervals, damage to mixture preparation or ignition and the utilization of low-quality engine oils can cause soiling and stick to the secondary valve. If you have a perfect and working homepage, then is going to be useful for passing the exhaust gas test which is carried out as part of the roadworthiness test. If you want to know if the secondary air injection system is faulty, then it is going to manifest it inform of a whistling noise or in the form of oscillating idling during a cold starting. You will note that your car is switching to emergency operations which has a reduced performance. Make sure that you have taken your auto to a garage as they are the only one who can fix a faulty air injection unit.
The petrol engine always calls for a fuel/air mixture which has excess fuel. As a result of this, the high quantities of carbon monoxide and the unburned hydrocarbons are released after being produced during the cold starting. It is essential to note that the harmful exhaust gas elements can escape to the atmosphere if not re-treated and this arrives because the oxygen sensor emissions control and the catalytic converter have not achieved their operating temperature during this phase of staring the engine.
For effective reduction of harmful components during the cold starting, the ambient air that has a high level of oxygen is injected into the exhaust gas manifold from the downstream of the exhaust valves using the secondary air system. Th injection of oxygen will lead to post-combustion or post oxidation of the harmful substances which will form the harmless carbon dioxide and water. The amount of heat that is generated during this process is used to heat the catalytic converter which will reduce the total time taken by the oxygen sensor emissions control to start operation. Note that the secondary air injection system is composed of the sais bypass kit and the secondary air valve.
The main work of the air pump is to draw in the ambient air and injecting it into the exhaust gas manifold downstream of the exhaust valves. The secondary air valves are used to stop exhaust tract misfiring and ensures that the secondary air is supplied to the exhaust gas manifold only during the cold start phase.

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