How to Fix the Air Injection System of a Toyota Vehicle  

Vehicles are something which have improved over the period of time and different companies have come with new and better designs. Toyota vehicles are known for their engine system and car companies are working on how to better their engines. But there is nothing important than a car that has a perfect exhauster. It becomes very difficult to get a company that can replace your exhauster to make it more environmental friendly.
Steps to Follow When Repairing Your secondary air injection system repair Luckily there are various ways of replacing your car exhauster hence reducing the emission of harmful substance to the atmosphere. Oxygen is introduced in the exhaust engine by the air injection pump at times reducing the car emission. The air injection pump can be driven through by belt or electric. When air enters the pump is directed to the required location by PCM controlled valves then directed to the exhaust manifold when the engine is warmed up.
When the optimum operating temperature is reached by the engine the air directed to the catalytic converter. Increase in the emissions and performance of the engine maybe resulted from a problem with the air injection system. The PCM will store the illuminated Check Engine Light and the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).
There various materials required in order to replace your secondary air injection like protective gloves, ratchets, free repair manuals, safety glasses and repair manuals (optional). Be aware about where the air injection system is located. It is usually located at the front of the engine where it is wrapped by serpentine belt. In order to reinstall the belt, ensure that the belt routing diagram is under the car. If the belt is not take a photo of the belt with your phone before proceeding.
Insert the ratchet end at the square slot on the tensioner to remove the serpentine belt. After doing this push the tensioner from the belt and slide the belt off the pulleys. You should note that some old vehicles use V-belt instead of serpentine belt. In such situation you loosen. You should take the car to the mechanic if you cannot fix the air injection pump though it very easy.
It is always best to remove the pump from the vehicle when you are done. There are various places where you can get the spare parts at an affordable price plus it is very easy to get the best mechanic. Your car will also have a long-life span if you take it for routine checkups and the mechanic can fix the problems on time.

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